About Sigma

What is Sigma

Sigma helps organizations (Orgs) of all types send out achievements, certificates, credentials, licenses, memberships, awards, events, experiences, and many more through a standard format we call a Merit. Sigma's tools allow Orgs to manage those relationships while providing users with a verified digital record that is scannable, shareable, and actionable. Individuals get a single destination to help manage their relationships with the Orgs in their lives and never again lose any card, license, or memory.

Who we are

Sigma was founded by a group of friends in 2016 with the mission of helping Orgs and users interact better. We believe in a world where our achievements and our experiences stay with us for life. These are our Merits and in many ways our Merits define who we are.

The idea of Sigma came about from a group scuba trip in late 2014. Most of us earned our scuba certifications just a few weeks prior to the trip so we could join. After mailing in our paperwork, it tooks several weeks to get our licenses in the mail. We had a real scare when one person's license didn't arrive until 2 days before the trip! While on the trip, we discussed how absurd it was that without a physical license card, there was a good chance the trip could have been ruined for that individual. The questions were asked, “Why isn't there a place online for these types of things to live? Why should we have to wait so long to get something in the mail?”. From there, we realized how many other industries are plagued by the same lack of a simple digital solution. Enough so, that we left our jobs and founded Sigma.

Our Investors Include

Press Highlights

“USPA Member Embrace Online Credentials”

“Quixey alums launch Sigma, a platform to bring merits and certifications”

Where to find us

Sigma Office: 1001 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Millbrae, CA 94030
Mailing Address: PO Box 2271, Sunnyvale CA, 94087-0271
Phone: +1-844-MY-SIGMA (+1-844-697-4462)
Contact Email: help@sig.ma