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What is an Org?

An Org on Sigma is any sort of organization, association, institution, company, club, or group that interacts with people. When Orgs interact with people, they often make claims about them, such as claiming that some individuals

  • are winners of awards or achievements,
  • have received certifications,
  • completed a course or class,
  • are licensed to do various things,
  • are members of your Org,
  • or are employees, investors, or contractors.

These claims are important, since they're how we relate to all the Orgs in our lives. Sigma calls these relationships “Merits”.

Orgs send Merits to the people they engage with.

What is a Merit?

Merits allow Orgs to maintain relationships and provide a digital copy of those relationships that can be easily accessed and reused. Merits can include metadata, expiration dates, media attachments, and more.

Why should your Org be on Sigma?

People work hard on achieving their goals and spend time, money, and energy with the Orgs in their lives. Sigma lets you give them an easy way to maintain the history of the relationship you share, proudly show off their accomplishments, and securely share their Merits with Orgs.