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What are Merits?


A Merit is a digital certificate, license, trophy, badge, ID card, or award that stays with you wherever you go and can be shared anytime, anywhere.


Merits are issued only from verified organizations to individuals. Merits can't be faked or forged making them credible and trustworthy.


Merits have advanced functionality including media attachments, expiration dates, messaging, notifications, and much more!

Create +
Send Merits

Merits are simple to create and customizable to meet your needs. Once a Merit is created, it lives with your organization and can easily be sent over and over again to different individuals and groups.

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Check-in +

Every person who receives a Merit has a Sigma Key. Sigma Keys can be scanned using the Sigma Admin App or a webcam to check someone in or instantly verify their credentials. For accountability, we give you the log of who was scanned, when, and by whom.

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Stay Connected

Merits provide a new way to communicate. Giving you the tool to reach out to individuals or groups inside of a particular Merit. You can send messages, deals, newsletters, announcements, updates and more.

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Our Customers

Sigma has been an integral and crucial part of our training program. Next Level relies on Sigma as an independent platform to award, store, and verify merits. Not only does Sigma allow us to efficiently award merits to our clients, it also allows our clients to use them as verification for their training and experience as they move through the skydiving world.
Next Level