What are Merits?

Defining “Merits”

A Merit is a digital artifact your Org creates and sends to an individual. Merits are often a digital version of a certificate, a license, a membership card, a trophy, a badge, an award, an event memento and the list keeps growing! A Merit is something that has to be earned.

Merits are sent by verified Orgs to individuals. This is the only way someone gets a Merit. So when you take a look at someone's Sigma Profile, you can be sure their Merits are credible.

Merits are digital in nature, which allows them to be much more than a physical object. Once a Merit is created, it can be sent over and over again. Merits can include photos, videos and documents. Merits can be updated and renewed in seconds. Merits can receive messages. Merits can be shared to social media. Merits can be accessed anytime, anywhere. What a Merit can do will continue to expand as we release new features.

Some Ways People Earn Merits

  • Winning an award or hitting a milestone
  • Completing a course, class, program, or training
  • Joining your Org as a member, employee, investor, or contractor
  • Participating in an event or experience
  • Doing something Merit-worthy